Who we are

The People's Party of Canada is a newly-formed federal political party, espousing and championing principled and true conservative values.

PPC Abbotsford is the official electoral district association for the federal Abbotsford riding. We are trying to spread the word about Max Bernier and the People's Party for the 2019 federal election.

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Uniting the Nation

As the CPC Brand name promoters yelp and clapperclaw incessantly about not “splitting the vote”, they ignore the fact that this election is not about the traditional left-wing/right-wing issues. Since the issues in this election transcend the o... Read more

Candidate: Locke Duncan

I am dependable and willing to rise to a challenge. I am known for my willingness to say it as it is, conveying truth and facts. I am personable to most, respectful to all and their ideas and needs. Humility doesn’t escape me, as I continue to face my shortcomings and own my actions. I am accountable and responsible p...

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