Donate to PPC Abbotsford

Your generous donation will help PPC Abbotsford spread the message of freedom and responsibility across Abbotsford and beyond, and be vital in getting our candidate Locke Duncan to Ottawa in the 2019 election!

What else do I get out of donating?

Contributors qualify for a generous tax credit on their next federal tax return: donations of up to $400 receive a 75% income tax credit, making the true cost of a $100 donation only $25!

What sort of limits are there?

Any Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada can donate, subject to these limits: You can legally donate up to $1600 as an individual to PPC riding associations (like PPC Abbotsford) and candidates, as well as another $1600 to the People's Party of Canada itself.

What happens next?

After donating, you will receive an immediate email confirmation detailing your donation, then an official income tax receipt later in the mail, along with our sincere gratitude for making such an important donation with your hard-earned money.

How else can I donate?

You can write a post-dated cheque out to PPC Abbotsford and give it to us in person. Please contact us to arrange.